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Launch your career with our UI UX course

Enhance your design skills by learning from industry experts and gain expertise in any of these professions: UI/UX designer, webflow developer, or logo designer.

Not your traditional UI UX course!

You will be taught 3 tools


What will you learn in 16 weeks you ask?

This course breaks away from tradition by offering a unique approach to UI/UX. We integrate various tools and skills that will empower you to pursue your passion and become an expert in UI/UX design, web development, logo design, and branding upon completion.

Module 1

(4 week)

Module 2

(4 week)

Module 3

(4 week)

Module 4

(4 week)

This module will commence the course by familiarizing students with UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design. We will examine the distinctions between the two and delve into essential concepts including typography, color theory, shapes, and more. Furthermore, students will gain an understanding of the significance of user experience and acquire the skills to develop user-centered designs. Students will become acquainted with the widely utilized Figma tool in the industry.

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Instructors & Mentors

The course will encompass a variety of experienced instructors, each contributing their extensive knowledge and expertise. Their dedicated approach is aimed at helping you become a skilled designer by diligently breaking down every concept and tool. With a focus on enhancing your abilities, these instructors will provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the course.


Ahmed Saed

Instructor, a fullstack developer with extensive knowledge on webflow


Abdirisak Mahamoud

Instructor, well established brand identity expert with 5+ years experience


Abdirisak farah

Instructor, a freelance UI UX designer that has work on various products with thousands of users


Abdulaziz Mohamed

Instructor, a professional with a great eye for design and brand building.

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